Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a experiential form of therapeutic work developed by Tim and Bettina Jobe, founders of Natural Lifemanship. This unique and powerful form of therapy is for those seeking something different than the traditional office-based talk therapy. With EAP you are able to work on core issues within the grounding influence of nature and the powerful presence of horses. Different than the conversational approach of talk therapy, out here with the horses you will run into the old behaviors that are holding you back, and get the chance to experiment with healthier patterns and develop deeper connection in real time.

Natural Lifemanship is the new standard in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. It is the original Trauma Focused EAP model based on contemporary neuroscience principles and research. In this team approach to healing, you will gain insight from both a licensed therapist, an equine professional, and a horse. Learn more about this life-changing model and what makes it unique.

I offer Equine Professional Services for individuals seeking TF-EAP™ as well as therapists who are looking to expand their therapeutic approach and training. With over 10,000 hours facilitating Equine Assisted Learning activities as well as 2,000+ hours facilitating Equine Assisted Therapy, I bring a new perspective to the therapeutic process. I have been trained in the Natural Lifemanship TF-EAP™ model and am completing certification. In addition to Natural Lifemanship, I have a blend of training in Family Relations, Family Systems, Human Development, Neurobiology, and Mindful Practices.